George Medicines

George Medicines makes it, faster, easier, and less costly to extend the lives of millions of people

Our approach combines existing drugs in new ways to create treatments that are better, faster and at lower cost to develop than traditional alternatives. Our business model avoids the early high-risk stages of drug discovery and development and, using George Clinical’s infrastructure and The George Institute’s scientific expertise, George Medicines can move quickly into late-stage drug development.

George Medicines is focused on the late-stage development and global commercialisation of novel, effective, affordable, safe and high-quality drug treatments for chronic disease. These medicines will not only offer patients and healthcare providers, in both the high and low to medium healthcare economies, improvements in efficacy and safety over existing treatments but also better access to affordable medicines. Research conducted at The George Institute is fundamental in identifying and evaluating these novel approaches to chronic disease treatment.

George Medicines’ lead development focus is on the treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, with the first of our development products being targeted for launch in Europe in 2020.

The second is targeted for global launch in 2022 and this will be followed by two treatments for diabetes which are planned for commercialisation globally from 2022 onwards.

Further key developments focusing on the affordable and effective treatment of the other principle causes of morbidity and mortality globally will follow.

George Medicines lead development for the treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular disease is supported by a multi-million dollar investment from a number of global investment partners.

George Medicines aims to be a catalyst of change and a disruptive force in the affordable and effective treatment of chronic diseases, thereby improving quality of life and life expectancy for many millions of people and significantly reducing the economic burden of chronic disease on healthcare economies globally.

Heart disease costs Australia over $18 billion
per year. A polypill could mean:
Profit with purpose, delivering sustainable impact and attractive returns

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Healthier Societies

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